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Data Base AOC

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Joined: 29 May 2008
Posts: 362
Bélier (21mar-19avr) 鷄 Coq

PostPosted: Tue 29 Jul - 17:42 (2008)    Post subject: Data Base AOC Reply with quote

Je suis tombé rescement sur ce site encore en construction certe mais deja pas mal d'info pertinentes.  



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PostPosted: Tue 29 Jul - 17:42 (2008)    Post subject: Publicité

PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?
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Joined: 29 May 2008
Posts: 362
Bélier (21mar-19avr) 鷄 Coq

PostPosted: Fri 1 Aug - 03:04 (2008)    Post subject: Data Base AOC Reply with quote

Ehtuu-AghBoss2Tortage Beach
Bat Pict ShamanBoss4Tortage Beach
Fha'quthBoss4Tortage Beach
Ape KingBoss5Tortage Beach
Bat DemonBoss6Mithrelle's Mansion
Harbor Guard CaptainBoss7City of Tortage - Night
Shenti-AkuBoss7Tortage Volcano
Proto-OchaBoss12Tortage Volcano
Tear-KirahnBoss12White Sands Isle
Old CraggyBoss12White Sands Isle
QuesadoBoss13City of Tortage - Night
Veteran Red Hand GuardBoss15Tortage Keep - Mage
Tharn'kurBoss17Acheronian Ruins
Ceremonial MasterBoss18Tortage Underhalls Day
StromBoss19Tortage Keep - Mage
AskiaBoss19Tortage Underhalls Day
Tarisha (End Battle)Boss19The End Battle
Red Hand Sergeant (End Battle)Boss19The End Battle
DeliaBoss19The End Battle
Red Hand PriestBoss19The End Battle
Strom (End Battle)Boss19The End Battle
Ancient Corrupted WolfBoss20Wild Lands of Zelata
Savage LionBoss21Khopsef Province
Ancient Hood CobraBoss21Khopsef Province
Akil-AtsuBoss21Khopsef Province
AbasiBoss21Khopsef Province
Ancient ScorpionBoss22Khopsef Province
KamuzuBoss22Khopsef Province
Lynx ForerunnerBoss22Wild Lands of Zelata
ShepsesBoss23Bubshur House
AkhibanBoss23Bubshur House
MenkafriBoss23Bubshur House
Lurker In The DarkBoss23Bubshur House
Grizzled HyenaBoss23Khopsef Province
JahiBoss23Khopsef Province
ChigaruBoss24Khopsef Province
Ancient RhinoBoss25Khopsef Province
Mountain Brigand ChiefBoss25Khopsef Province
Mama BearBoss25Conall's Valley
Hep Kab ChiefBoss26Khopsef Province
YetiBoss26Conall's Valley
Bubshur Undead Guard ChiefBoss27Khopsef Province
Arax QueenBoss28Khopsef Province
SektepBoss28Khopsef Province
Black Pass ChiefBoss28Khopsef Province
Commander DecimaBoss30Wild Lands of Zelata
Black Ring Arch MageBoss30Blessed Caves
Blood Defiler GuardianBoss30Blessed Caves
Unholy AberrationBoss31Black Castle
Malefic MutationBoss31Black Castle
Ancient White LionBoss32Khopsef Province
GrevenBoss32Border Range
Nemedian AdventurerBoss32Border Range
GrimaskBoss32Black Castle
FenyangBoss32Black Castle
HistacusBoss33Border Range
General ZarathusBoss34Border Range
CrawlerBoss35Outflow Tunnels
Komodo BroodmotherBoss35Outflow Tunnels
Xanarus DarkhandBoss35Outflow Tunnels
Emerald GuardianBoss37Pyramid of the Ancients
Ancient Pond DemonBoss37The Maze
Nemedian SergeantBoss37The Maze
Maratus Demon QueenBoss37The Maze
Oracle ManifestationBoss38Pyramid of the Ancients
Cult SwordmasterBoss38Pyramid of the Ancients
ThakBoss38Pyramid of the Ancients
Master TorturerBoss38Pyramid of the Ancients
Cult SpellmasterBoss38Pyramid of the Ancients
Vengeful Drowned OneBoss38Sanctum of the Burning Souls
Princess AkivashaBoss39Sanctum of the Burning Souls
Ancient Dark BeastBoss39Sanctum of the Burning Souls
Ancient Blood DefilerBoss39Sanctum of the Burning Souls
Acheronian WarlordBoss39Sanctum of the Burning Souls
Mercenary CommanderBoss39Wild Lands of Zelata
Ymirish WolfrunnerBoss39Field of the Dead
Archaic Queen StatueBoss39Treasury of the Ancients
Arena BearBoss40Noble Arena
Arena Pict ChiefBoss40Noble Arena
Blade Champion KrolBoss40Imirian Ravine
Hakon WolftamerBoss41Field of the Dead
Nemedian Mercenary LeaderBoss41Tarantia Noble District
Kephalos the CruelBoss41Villa Verde
Vanir ShamanBoss42Field of the Dead
Thorain RedfangBoss42Field of the Dead
Audun NightstalkerBoss42Field of the Dead
Chef VibiusBoss42Villa Amiel
Gurges the NimbleBoss42Villa Lentulus
Arena PantherBoss42Noble Arena
Arena One Armed GladiatorBoss42Noble Arena
Nemedian PyromancerBoss43Tarantia Noble District
Grey Wolf AlphaBoss43Field of the Dead
BloodclawBoss43Field of the Dead
Dusk Wolf AlphaBoss43Field of the Dead
Arena Snow LeopardBoss44Noble Arena
Arena Blasphemous BulkBoss44Noble Arena
Lupine SuperiorBoss46Field of the Dead
Vanir HeadmanBoss46Field of the Dead
Yukagi Wolf AlphaBoss46Field of the Dead
Ymirish SeidirBoss46Field of the Dead


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Joined: 29 May 2008
Posts: 362
Bélier (21mar-19avr) 鷄 Coq

PostPosted: Fri 1 Aug - 03:06 (2008)    Post subject: Data Base AOC Reply with quote

SilverbackBoss46Field of the Dead
Paulson the AquilonianBoss46Fight Club Arena
Brand HellhammerBoss46Field of the Dead
Arena TigerBoss46Noble Arena
Arena Werewolf SlasherBoss46Noble Arena
Sister of UrsidaeBoss47Field of the Dead
Ymirish Field CommanderBoss47Field of the Dead
Outlaw TobiasBoss47Field of the Dead
Outlaw HenricusBoss47Field of the Dead
Leif the Lost UndeadBoss48Field of the Dead
Specter of Chieftain OlgudachBoss48Field of the Dead
Conriocht LeaderBoss48Field of the Dead
Brigand PhilipusBoss48Field of the Dead
Arena GorillaBoss48Noble Arena
Arena WaxmanBoss48Noble Arena
Ymirish FrostlordBoss49Field of the Dead
Specter of Chieftain EnfrethBoss49Field of the Dead
Specter of Chieftain BricriuBoss49Field of the Dead
Specter of Chieftain CemoydBoss49Field of the Dead
Specter of Chieftain CiniathBoss49Field of the Dead
Specter of Chieftain LutrinBoss50Field of the Dead
Specter of Chieftain IogenanBoss50Field of the Dead
Specter of Chieftain FidaichBoss50Field of the Dead
Specter WarchiefBoss50Field of the Dead
Deranged Dwarf MammothBoss50Eiglophian Mountains
Mithrelle (Ice Cave)Boss50Ice Cave
Arena SabretoothBoss50Noble Arena
Arena Black OneBoss50Noble Arena
Specter of Chieftain FlannBoss50Field of the Dead
Specter WarlordBoss50Field of the Dead
Cannibal ChiefBoss51Eiglophian Mountains
Spectral SlayerBoss52Toirdealbach's Tomb
Toirdealbach's SavantBoss52Toirdealbach's Tomb
UrsidaeBoss52Eiglophian Mountains
Yeti (Eig)Boss52Eiglophian Mountains
Arena LionBoss52Noble Arena
Arena Laskaris MinionBoss52Noble Arena
ToirdealbachBoss53Toirdealbach's Tomb
Spellbinder KalevBoss53Eiglophian Mountains
OakBoss53The Cistern
Renato SavillBoss53The Cistern
Chief Uruk'ArBoss53Cannibal Cave
Diabolist AinoBoss54Eiglophian Mountains
Arena Swamp DemonBoss54Noble Arena
Titus SemproniusBoss54The Main System
Vicious Alpha MaleBoss54The Main System
Arena Ghoul GuardianBoss54Armsman's Tavern
SultBoss55Eiglophian Mountains
AlcippeBoss55The Main System
MarcelinBoss55The Main System
Chief Og'Em'ABoss55Cannibal Cave
Necromancer KullervnBoss55Eiglophian Mountains
ZukasBoss55The Main System
DilaBoss56The Main System
SerpentesBoss56Eiglophian Mountains
The Sewer KingBoss56The Main System
Frenzied Arena Dark BeastBoss56Noble Arena
Arena Giant KingBoss56Armsman's Tavern
NunatakBoss57Eiglophian Mountains
BrumeBoss57Eiglophian Mountains
Jan VermisBoss58The Catacombs
Ymirish RimebinderBoss58Eiglophian Mountains
AlgorBoss58Eiglophian Mountains
Arena Mantis ManBoss58Noble Arena
Arena Undead AxemanBoss58Armsman's Tavern
ScarpBoss59Eiglophian Mountains
Commander ZoriaBoss60The Catacombs
PongidaeBoss60Eiglophian Mountains
KamoinenBoss60Eiglophian Mountains
Na'Tsu'KoBoss60Eiglophian Mountains
TorumjumalaBoss60Eiglophian Mountains
Blood FangBoss60Thunder River
Har-ShebeshBoss60Blood Rite Subterrain
Lord PaetusBoss60Villa Paetus
Haldr FirebeardBoss60Eiglophian Mountains
Mercenary ChapmansBoss62Thunder River
HirrusBoss64Thunder River
LadyBoss64Thunder River
Chill Crawler Brood MotherBoss65Aztel's Approach
Troglodyte ChiefBoss65Aztel's Approach
GoreBoss65Thunder River
Risen AvengerBoss65Thunder River
Lord CamillusBoss65Villa Camillus
TarakwiBoss66Thunder River
IkkeronsBoss66Thunder River
Aztel GeneralBoss67Aztel's Approach
Frenzied Polar BearBoss67Aztel's Approach
Ice DemonBoss67Aztel's Approach
Occultist Codril-KauBoss68Thunder River
Thunder River Demon LordBoss69Thunder River
Gordian the CrusherBoss70Thunder River
Cannibal ProphetBoss70Thunder River
ZenoBoss71Thunder River
Agitated Wooly MammothBoss72Aztel's Approach
Umbral Hyena Pack LeaderBoss74Kheshatta
Crimson EnforcerBoss75Kheshatta
ScornBoss80Purple Lotus Swamp
Ravenous Ice WormBoss80Aztel's Approach


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Joined: 29 Jul 2008
Posts: 255
Localisation: dunkerque

PostPosted: Mon 4 Aug - 12:35 (2008)    Post subject: Data Base AOC Reply with quote

super ce site, je me disais bine qu'il devait bine existé aussi une sorte de judgehype version age of conan !! en tt cas merci pr le lien proxy  Okay

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PostPosted: Today at 19:39 (2019)    Post subject: Data Base AOC

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